Vivaldi New 2022 Midyear release Ships in July


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Vivaldi de Besilu, a beautiful bay Paso Fino, is the 2021 Confepaso Mundial (World Cup) Grand Champion Fino Stallion. He was also named the Paso Fino Horse Association’s Grand National Champion Fino Stallion from 2016-2020, and the National Champion Fino Stallion 2017-2020. “Vivaldi” competes performing the Classic Fino gait, which is considered the most elite level in the breed. Inducted into the Horse Stars Hall of Fame last year, this stallion is still making a name for himself in the show ring while also beginning his career as a sire, passing on his incredible natural gait, conformation, energy, and willingness to work to his foals. He’ll also be joining us as a Guest Horse at BreyerFest this year!