SM Mystery Foal Surprise Set #8 (black WB Chest Overo Driving Horse)

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This three piece set comes with a mystery foal, whose color is a surprise! This set features a black Hanoverian horse and a chestnut Pinto, and their foal remains hidden in its stall until you open the package! A fun visual lesson in horse genetics, the foal’s coat color and pattern will be based upon the coat color and patterns of its parents. Ages 4+
Breyer Model Horses Stablemates Size are as beautifully detailed as Breyer’s Traditional horses and offer variety and lots of accessories. Fun to play with and collect for kids and adults alike! Sculpted to 1:32 scale.
Parents and grandparents will love the fact that Breyer Stablemates are a fun and entertaining toy, without sound or batteries. Stablemates are the perfect size for in the car or for travel.