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Sleek and sophisticated, the Hackney Pony was once considered the pinnacle of driving fashion. Bred to be light carriage ponies with a natural high-stepping trot, they not only looked flashy, but also covered distances quickly thanks to their brisk gait and stamina.

Today’s Hackney Ponies have retained the elegance of their forebearers, and are appreciated as quality driving ponies both for competition and pleasure. Their graceful movements and athletic appearance earned them the moniker, “ballerina of the show ring.” While Hackney Ponies account for most of the Hackneys in the United States, they are considered a rare breed in the UK where they are listed as “critical” by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

Displaying a richly-shaded chestnut coat, alert expression, and compact body, Norwich is a fine example of the breed. Norwich’s name is a nod to the city in England where the UK’s Hackney Horse Society was founded in 1883.