British Spotted Pony, red leopard appy


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The British Spotted Pony can be traced back to pre-historic times, when their coat color provided a natual camoflage among the heathlands and woodlands of ancient Britain. The spotted coat is caused by a genetic mechanism called the Leopard complex. The spotted color patterns common in the British Pony are seen in other breeds, such as the Appaloosa horse and the Knabstrupper, though the breeds developed independently of one another.
This cute pony measures 12.7cm x 9.8cm.
Breyer Corral Pals by CollectA are a new line for Breyer Model Horses. Breyer is thrilled to introduce Corral Pals, a new line of horses, dogs, cats and farm animals for play and collecting. These adorable, authentic miniatures have been sculpted by experts to achieve the most realistic look possible, and are individually hand crafted in vinyl and hand-painted! Safe, virtually unbreakable and so real they almost walk, trot and canter off the page!
The Corral Pals Horse Collection is sculpted by noted equine sculptor Deborah McDermott. Deborah is noted for being able to accurately capture the anatomy and breed characteristics of every horse that she sculpts. Her happy model horses are full of expression and life!
Breyer’s Corral Pals are safe for children ages 3 and older. Scale is 1:18. Designed for endless hours of play.
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