BR Farms Horse Carry Case w/ horses


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Six horses and a wooden stable all in one set!  This is a great new Breyer Farms offering – It includes a wooden stable with a carry handle and stalls for all six horses that come in the set!

Note, this set is designed and priced for a kids’ play set, rather than as show-worthy models.  The models are made of similar plastic to other Breyers, but are made of body-colored plastic rather than white, with very basic paint jobs, no shading or realism.

Want only the horses, not the barn?  When you add this to your cart, you can put a note in the special instructions box asking us to only ship the horses.  We’ll open the set and bubble wrap the horses to send to you.  The barn will remain here and we’ll offer it for sale for a low price for kids who need a barn but can’t afford the whole set.  This offer applies to this item only.

Size: Stablemates. Package Size 8.75″ L x 5.25″ W x5.5″ H