Best of British Connemara Pony loose mane


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Breyer? is proud to celebrate the heritage and beauty of Britain?s most iconic native breeds. Shaped by the country?s natural meadows, moors and mountains over many centuries, Britain?s native breeds ? hardy ponies, sleek Thoroughbreds and powerful draughts ? are renowned worldwide for their intelligence, toughness and conformation.
The Connemara pony was named for the area of western Ireland where the breed originated. Considered Ireland?s only native breed, ancestors of the Connemara were ridden by Celtic warriors. Later, these hardy ponies worked the land. Fitted with baskets called creels, they hauled turf cut from the bogs, and carried seaweed to fertilize the fields they later would plow.
Standing 12.2 to 14.2 hands high, these compact riding ponies have large, kindly eyes and are most commonly seen with grey, black, bay, brown or dun coats. Their pleasant temperament, natural jumping ability and intelligence make them great mounts for adults and children alike.